I just bought a Ryanair plane ticket except that I did not see the QR code on the boarding pass, is that normal? the message is : this is not a boarding card go to check-in for visa check and boarding card enter image description here

enter image description here

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Yes. You have a check-in receipt, not a boarding pass. From https://www.ryanair.com/ee/en/useful-info/travel-documentation/travel-documentation

“Irrespective of a passenger's visa requirements, all non-EU/EEA citizens must have their travel documents checked and stamped at the Ryanair Visa/Document Check Desk before going through airport security. Your boarding pass will display this information for routes that you must comply with this Visa/Document checks requirement.”

  • is that normal that the QR code is not displayed on the boarding pass ? – anas el amraoui Jan 30 at 11:13
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    @anas el amraoui The picture you posted says This is not a boarding card – Traveller Jan 30 at 11:24
  • what is the solution to have the boarding pass? before by the same procedure I received the boarding pass with the QR code and I then print it to present it at the airport now I do not see the QR code and it intrigued me is that I would receive one when I boarded with the OR code or whatever at fair ? I'm lost – anas el amraoui Jan 30 at 11:30
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    @anaselamraoui You'll receive the boarding pass with the barcode once you have gone to the check-in desk and they have verified your documents. – jcaron Jan 30 at 12:41
  • @anas el amraoui Follow the instructions on the Ryanair website - go to the Ryanair Visa/Document Check Desk before you go through security – Traveller Jan 30 at 12:41

is that normal?

Yes. It clearly says "THIS IS NOT BOARDING CARD". It's just a check in receipt.

This typically happens if the airline wants/needs to check your documents before they will give you a real boarding pass. So just follow the instructions: take your receipt and documents to the check in counter, and you'll get the actual boarding pass there.


thank you for your help the Ryanair company said the same thing : Hi, in that case you have to go to a Visa check at the airport and you will receive your boarding card there enter image description here

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