I'm a UK citizen working in London. For three years, I have been a writer employed by a company based in the USA. It's fair to say I'm indispensable but I do not have any formal writing qualifications.

I want to ask my employer about sponsoring a work visa for me so I can stay in America for a while. From what I understand, an H1B is the best option? But before I bother them, I'd like to know if I'm overlooking something and it's a waste of time? Or is there a chance?

The biggest issue is that I can work remotely, meaning there is no need for me to be in the country. On the flip side of that, surely if I'm earning their money, they'd prefer it if I spent it in their economy and their tax system?

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    This would be better asked on Expatriates Stack Exchange – Midavalo Jan 28 at 19:07
  • @Midavalo thanks! I'll move this there. – LegoTrip Jan 28 at 19:57
  • Are you working as an employee or a contractor? Are they paying payroll taxes? If so, to which jurisdiction? – phoog Jan 28 at 19:57
  • @phoog good questions. I'm an employee. I am paying my taxes directly to the UK. I'm unsure if they are paying payroll taxes but I know everything they do is 100% according to the law, so if they are supposed to be paying payroll taxes to the US, then they will be. They have employees all around the world. – LegoTrip Jan 28 at 21:20
  • An L1visa might be better. – Patricia Shanahan Jan 29 at 4:17