I am from Germany and I am wondering about any possibilities to do any kind of Badminton vacation anywhere in Asia during (the first half) of this year. I am saying Asia, because I am assuming that life is normal there in many places, while I am not confident that I will get to do sports with other people this year in Germany. At the same time, Badminton is a lot more popular in some Asian countries, so I am guessing there could be regular training camps.

Of course I am aware that travelling is not the best of ideas at this time, however I am planning for an extended stay, will get myself tested accordingly, and I have also literally not been meeting anybody for months now.

Right now the problem seems to be that many countries restrict travel from Germany. Travelling out of Germany is not a problem yet.

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    I doubt that there will be specific restrictions of activities for foreigners. But that would be after you have complied with the healthcare procedures at your destination. So maybe you have to quarantine yourself, but after that you would be able to play badminton as any local, as you are not a greater health risk than any local. Note that I say that the rules would be the same, but that does not mean that the specific activity is allowed at all (that say, I think badminton would be considered a low risk activity).
    – SJuan76
    Jan 27 '21 at 21:19
  • If you're restricted from multi-player sports, you're also likely to be restricted from leisure travel Jan 29 '21 at 15:13

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