I read on https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Vehicle_registration_plates_of_China&oldid=989322105#Shanghai:

The initial character on licence plates issued in Shanghai is:  ()

  • 沪A, 沪B, 沪D, 沪E, 沪F, 沪G, 沪H, 沪J, 沪K, 沪L, 沪M, 沪N — Urban area and suburbs.
  • 沪C — Suburbs, not allowed to enter the urban area (i.e. not allowed to travel within the Outer Ring).
  • 沪R — Chongming IslandChangxing IslandHengsha Island, not allowed to leave the places above.

This makes me wonder: Is a car with a license plate that wasn't issued in Shanghai (mirror) allowed to be driven within the Shanghai Outer Ring Expressway? If so, is there any restriction?


Non-Shanghai permanent plates are, in general, not prohibited within S20. 沪C suburban ones and temporary plates from other provinces are however prohibited.

As the link provided by @lambshaanxy says, they are now not allowed on the specified elevated roads within the area circled by S20 during daytime (7h - 20h) on working days. S20 itself is not on the list. Using the surface roads is still allowed.

However, more restrictions are coming after the 2021 Labour Day Golden Week. Non-Shanghai plates will not be allowed on surface roads within the Inner Ring during peak times (7h - 10h, 16h - 19h) on working days.

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