In a world full of personal electronics from mobile phones to cameras, does anyone have ideas to keep them safe from water and sand on seaside holidays? That is, besides:

  1. Not bringing them (can't live without them)
  2. Getting a friend to watch them (everyone in the party wants to swim)
  3. Locking them in a rental car (generally not advised)
  4. Leaving them unguarded in a box (someone may steal them)
  5. Getting waterproof versions (bad value for non-holiday use)
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Beginning in 1983, a British company called AquaPac produce a range of protective 100% waterproof cases, bags and pouches designed to house all manner of portable electronics for such items such as mobile phones, cameras, Amazon Kindles, iPods etc. They believe in producing products that are designed to protect from the elements.

You won't have to leave your electronics at home, in the car etc, but can quite happily take them in the water with you.

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