I do wonder, due to the peculiarities of the Common Travel Area between Ireland and the UK, if the following hypothetical scenario is possible:

  • A non-EU citizen flies Boston-Dublin-London with airside transit in Dublin. Will this non-EU citizen undergo an immigration check for the UK at any point? As airside transits, by nature, do not have immigration checks and the final flight (Dublin-London) does not have an immigration check upon arriving into the UK.

This scenario is completely hypothetical, but I just wonder if this happens in real life or not?



Of course they've thought of that, which is why flights within the CTA don't depart from the international transit zones at LHR, LGW, and MAN; you have to go through immigration to get from an international flight to a CTA flight.

Note also that DUB doesn't have an international airside transit zone; all DUB arrivals from outside the CTA go through immigration. (Edit: It's unclear to me whether arrivals from the UK may still go through immigration in Dublin.)

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    Even passengers arriving from the UK go through immigration in DUB. – Sneftel Nov 7 '20 at 11:45
  • Shannon as well – Mark Johnson Nov 7 '20 at 19:22

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