I'm looking to write a program that will let me create a query of two US airports and return the flight time between them (probably an average flight time for A->B, since I recognise there can be slight variations in the times).

Is there some place I can get a list of flight times from A to B, so that I can query it directly or calculate the averages myself?

I also recognise that I could just calculate the distance "as the nazgul fly" and then divide it by some rate or whatnot, but this does not account for differences e.g. flying Eastbound v. flying Westbound.

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You can get data from http://flightaware.com about the time of recent commercial flights between two airports. For example, here is a list of flights from Denver to St. Louis. Each is shown with its scheduled arrival and departure times, but if you click on an individual flight, you can see the actual takeoff and landing times.

For airport pairs that don't currently have commercial nonstop service, I don't think you can do much except estimate based on distance.