I have tried to keep up with the regulations and I have read the presidential proclamations regarding this, and it seems pretty clear, but I am wondering (indeed hoping) I have missed something. It seems Europeans (from the Schengen Area) are indeed presently barred from entering the US. But are there any exceptions for B2 visa holders? Are B2 visas currently being processed?

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    Note that the ban is based on where you were in the past 14 days, not your citizenship or place of residence. So if you really need to go to the US, and you’re not in any of the exempt categories, you could spend 14 days in a country outside the scope of the ban. And hope the rules don’t change in the meantime. But unless you have a strong need, the best advice is just to stay wherever you are. – jcaron Oct 18 at 14:55
  • @jcaron Presently with the number of cases in Europe and the states, even if traveling were possible we’d stay put. This is more a question for if things calm down in the next few months but borders remain closed, just to understand options. – Derek Allums Oct 18 at 15:22
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    @DerekAllums: there is little point in researching this now. Rules WILL change. I managed to finagle two transatlantic trips and both were governed by different rules. I'm trying another one in early November and I have no clue yet what the restrictions will be, but likely they will be different again. It's also tricky to nail down the exact details and what you should be doing in what order and information and execution is fairly poor. Example: on the last return to the US we had to fill out a detailed health/travel form but when we arrived no one collected them. – Hilmar Oct 18 at 21:04

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