I had rented the car in Vienna and did a day trip to Budapest. I had bought the Vignette at the Hegyeshalom Border Crossing (on the way from Vienna to Budapest). I have now email from my Rental Car Company about fine from Hungary Department for driving without Vignette. I don't have a proof document now, and it was paid by cash (as they didn't had pay by card option at that shop). How can I find out the phone number of the agency who sold me ticket? Any help in greatly appreciated.

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    Unless you have a receipt for the vignette, you can probably not prove that you actually have paid. Are you sure that you paid for the right district, for the right type of vehicle, for the right period and also provided the correct license plate number, for which the toll was registered? – Tor-Einar Jarnbjo Oct 5 at 16:39

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