I need (for family reasons) to go to Singapore. I know I will have to serve a SHN quarantine for 14 days when I arrive. I will serve another when I get home. This trip is important enough to do that. I know I need an approval letter.

Under normal circumstances, traveling on a Canadian passport, I don't need anything in advance. I buy a plane ticket, I arrive, they let me in. Do I need a Form 14? If so, am I applying for a visit pass, an entry visa, or both? If I don't need it, will applying for it actually cause problems?


It turns out that you do need a Form 14 as part of getting the approval letter. (Not in addition to it.) When you fill out the form for the approval letter, if you choose Short-term visitor, you get new questions that were not there when the form first loads:

filling out approval letter form

So, Form 14 here I come. I've been told I need to request only a Visit Pass and not a Visa.

Brief update: we got the approval letters.

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  • Thanks for the update. Things continue to change though, Singapore just today announced they're starting to issue short-term visas again, although approval letters & quarantine for almost all travellers remain required: straitstimes.com/singapore/… – lambshaanxy Oct 13 at 3:31

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