I am non-EU nationality, but married to Italian nationality, and I have Permesso di Soggiorno mentioned (MOTIVI FAMILIARI)

Is it allow me to enter UK with my wife as per subject 10,20 of law? or need for travel permit?

  • Depending on your citizenship, you’ll likely need an EEA family permit if you’re living in Italy with your Italian family member. You can check entry requirements using the tool on this website gov.uk/check-uk-visa/y – Traveller Sep 11 at 16:54
  • Yes you can but only with your wife and you must need your country passport – Ali Raza Sep 11 at 17:11
  • Its showing like this: Do you have an Article 10 or 20 card? You only get one of these if you’re both of the following: •the family member of an EEA citizen •living in a different EEA country than the one your family member is from. what does its mean guys ?? ((We are living in italy)) – Ahmed Gaber Sep 11 at 17:42
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    Does your residence permit include this text: "carta di soggiorno di familiare di un cittadino dell'Unione" ? – Michael Hampton Sep 11 at 18:33
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    @Traveller as far as I'm aware, Italy typically issues article 10 cards to family members of EU citizens. – phoog 8 mins ago – phoog Sep 11 at 23:46

You can enter the UK without a visa or family permit, with your wife, if your card says "carta di soggiorno di familiare di un cittadino dell'Unione." In that case it is an article 10 card. It could also indicate permanent residence, in which case it's an article 20 card, but I don't know the exact wording in Italian. It will certainly end with "di familiare di un cittadino dell'Unione."

If your card doesn't say one of those things, then you'll need a visa or, of your trip falls before the end of the transition period, an EEA family permit.

If your card truly says permesso do soggiorno rather than carta di soggiorno then it is probably not an article 10 or 20 card.

(This of course assumes that you do not hold a nationality that entitles you to enter the UK without a visa in your own right. If you are, for example, a citizen of Canada, then you don't need a visa in any case.)

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