I'm flying Ryanair from Germany to Bulgaria and got an email with the following text:

As governments continue to introduce Covid-19 rules and restrictions, it’s very important that you check the most up to date travel guidelines with the relevant local authorities before your trip. You must ensure you complete any additional travel documentation that is required, for every country that you fly to and bring it with you on your trip. Failure to present this mandatory documentation will result in your travel/entry being denied by local authorities and in some cases, may result in a fine by local authorities of up to 500.00 EUR.

When I go to the website of the German Foreign ministry I can find the following text:

Seit dem 1. Juni 2020 ist deutschen Staatsangehörigen die Einreise aus Deutschland und anderen EU-Staaten nach Bulgarien ohne verpflichtende häusliche Quarantäne wieder gestattet. Bei der Einreise ist ein Einreiseformular mit Kontaktdaten auszufüllen, das am Flughafen/Grenzstellen erhältlich ist.

The German foreign ministry says that the Bulgarian corona document is available at the airport/border crossing point, however the email from Ryanair makes it sound like I need to print it and bring it with me. Can Ryanair refuse to let me on the plane without a printed document? Do I need to have it with me or is filling it at the destination airport enough?


No one asked for the document either when boarding the plane or when clearing immigration in Bulgaria. I would still recommend people to print the documents just in case, but it seems like in practice they are not always required.

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