I read on https://www.alaskapublic.org/2020/07/30/the-rules-for-crossing-the-canadian-border-into-alaska-just-got-even-stricter:

Travelers will be given a tag to hang from their rearview mirrors for the duration of their trip to or from Alaska. The tags are intended to show that travelers are transiting and include the date they must depart Canada.

How much time do Canadian authorities give to non-Canadians to drive from the southern US-Canadian border to Alaska?

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    The official government statement at canada.ca/en/border-services-agency/news/2020/07/… only says "a reasonable period of stay". It may be at the discretion of the border officer, perhaps depending on any special circumstances stated by the traveler. I don't know if that is an answer or not. – Nate Eldredge Aug 28 '20 at 23:50
  • @NateEldredge Thanks, that's a great answer (you're welcome to convert your comment into an answer), but hopefully someone will some experience with it will share to us how much time they got so that we have a sense of it. 2 days? 1 week? Maybe that depends on whether we show up with a tractor or a lambo. – Franck Dernoncourt Aug 29 '20 at 0:11
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    According to this news report npr.org/2020/08/25/905847150/… travellers are meant to take ‘the most direct route’. So the answer may vary depending on the entry point and destination, I’d imagine – Traveller Aug 29 '20 at 7:32
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    People keep the comments to the point, asking extra information is alright but do keep it to facts only and do not assume what OP will do with their time. – Willeke Aug 30 '20 at 15:32

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