I am an Indian Passport holder with a fiktionsbeseinigung (temporary visa) living in Germany past 8 months wanting to travel to the UK for 10 days to visit my uncle. I came to Germany for a job but have recently become unemployed thanks to corona and I want to visit my family in the UK and it has been really tough living here through the corona.

I have a sponsorship letter from my uncle and an invitation letter with his council tax and bill for me. I have around 6k pounds as my savings from my previous job. Is this sufficient to get me a UK tourist visa from Germany?

Also, do I have to show that he is sponsoring me and put in the exact amount he would be spending on me daily ? or can I just show my savings and his sponsor letter with documents and I should be good to go? Need urgent help

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    Unemployed and visiting uncle may trigger a flag: you may want to remain in UK. When your temporary visa ends? How you a plan on what to do after that? I would push documents on that direction: so reasons you will not remain in UK.You have enough to live and you will do a short trip, so I think money is not an important factor (but it for wiliness to immigrate). But on such period, I do not think we can answer properly. Possibly also UK is much more strict – Giacomo Catenazzi Aug 28 '20 at 7:22
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    @user113178 Savings of £6k are more than sufficient for a 10 day trip, therefore you don’t need to submit anything other than an invitation letter from your uncle, plus proof of his immigration status in the UK. But your big problem is proving a compelling reason to leave at the end of your stay. Applying for a visitor visa as an unemployed temporary resident in Germany who has family in the UK is very likely to be a huge red flag. Better to defer your trip until you have a new job, IMHO – Traveller Aug 28 '20 at 7:46

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