It would be most convenient for me to travel from Gozo to Comino rather than from Malta but the two guide books I found, one updated 2019 and the other 2020, only mention one from Malta. There are some mentions of route online but I cannot find anything that confirms it is currently (Summer 2020) operating. A screenshot from Google Maps does not show such a path:

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Is there currently a ferry going from Gozo to Comino and back? If so, what is its schedule?

  • Yes, there is one. I am back from Malta and I took one from Malta to Gozo and there is one from Cozo tot Comino. Aug 11, 2020 at 13:47

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There is definitely a ferry service to Comino, on a recent trip I remember seeing ferries from Gozo to Comino. I found this company (no affiliation) that looks like it's currently running and offers ferries from Gozo to Comino.

You can view the departure times here - the 'am' on that website is a mistake, the times assume a 24 hour clock:

Departure From Comino Blue Lagoon

08.15 Comino Blue Lagoon
09.15 Comino Blue Lagoon
10.15 Comino Blue Lagoon
11.15 Comino Blue Lagoon
12.15 Comino Blue Lagoon
13.15 Comino Blue Lagoon
*14.15 Comino Blue Lagoon
15.15 Comino Blue Lagoon
*16.15 Comino Blue Lagoon
17.15 Comino Blue Lagoon
18.15 Comino Blue Lagoon

* Cave Trips On Return


Belated, but yes: there are different options to reach Comino island either from Malta or from Gozo, and obviously for the way back. Ferries or - more easily - smaller touristic boats are chartered or scheduled by private companies, often offering both the choices of a "taxi" service (only taking passengers to Comino and back) or an additional tour around the island and its beaches and caves.

Last summer (late August 2020) I also went to Comino, from Sliema, and I do not remember which company it was. Booking in advance was not necessary and the ticket is anyway never expensive.

A quick Google search and I found this other timetable: this company and the one cited in the previous answer are surely not the only two operating the service.

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