Can French citizens flying from Bangkok (BKK) (stayed there for over 1 month) do an international transit in Haneda Airport (HND) with the ongoing COVID-19 travel restrictions?

IATA states for Japan:

  1. Passengers transiting through Tokyo (NRT) must transit on the same calendar day.

but doesn't mention HND, so I'm not sure whether this means that passengers can't transit or that passengers can transit taking all the time they want.


  • the French citizen has no tie and no visa/paperwork with Japan.
  • international transit in Haneda Airport (HND) means that the route is: outside Japan -> HND -> outside Japan.

Example of an international transit in HND:

enter image description here

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As TIMATIC states, you're not allowed to enter, nothing more nothing less.

Unlike Narita, Haneda's transit zone is open overnight, hence TIMATIC saying transit for up to 72 hours is possible there.

As such, provided your trip is on a single ticket, you can transit.


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