I had books a set of flights that were due to occur in early April. When everyone started locking down the borders etc we cancelled them. Most were through an airline directly, and were converted to credit immediately (could have pushed for refund but credit is fine as we still wanted to make the trip at some point).

One leg however was through a travel agent/reseller. I think CheapFlights.co.uk (my partner has the details), but I want to keep the question general anyway.

They emailed us back when we asked for it to be cancelled saying that it would be refunded, but that they are very busy with the volume of refunds they are processing and it might be a while. We contacted them again a month later, and they said similarly they are very busy but to expect to hear from them in 6-8 weeks. It has now been much more than that and have heard nothing.

I can keep emailing them, but is there anything in particular I should be saying? Do I have a certain right to a refund that i should be highlighting? Should I attempt to solve this though my travel insurance? I have a year round travel-insurance policy taken out long before Covid.

  • There are many previous threads on this matter, and articles in the news going back for months. Airlines, hotels, travel agents, and other travel-related businesses are strapped for cash and are using every possible maneuver to avoid paying out cash refunds, even after scolding from regulators. There are no magic words that will change this situation. Just keep calling. – choster Aug 3 '20 at 14:49

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