I am going to apply soon for a US visa while currently being in the Schengen Zone (Germany). I am not a EU citizen but currently here on a work permit. I want to travel to US to continue my employment in the US. Currently, there is a ban on travel to US from Schengen countries. Assuming that I get my visa soon (it is not under the banned categories), what are the ways for me to fly back to US?

For example, I am thinking to travelling to Croatia or Serbia, staying for 14 days in a quarantine there and then flying to US because I think I can travel to these countries with my National D Visa/Work Permit while these countries are not in the Schengen zone.

What would be your advice? I am also a bit afraid of getting stuck in the e country and not being able to go back to Germany if there are some unknown rules prohibiting me from flying back to US.



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