Problem: I am currently in an LDR. She lives in the US, I live in Switzerland. It seems that both counties do not open their borders for each other.

Does someone have an idea where we could meet (Any country, preferably Europe or North-America)? Or if either of both countries has some kind of special regulation for relationships (Switzerland had a special relationship clause for Germany some weeks ago)?

  • Welcome to TSE. Unfortunately, your question is not a good fit for the Stack Exchange Q&A format, as it is an invitation to speculation and a request for an open-ended list. Restrictions are changing rapidly everywhere, and have become politically fraught, so it is impossible to say anything with certainty. SE is also poorly suited to questions where every answer is equally valid or a matter of opinion. I strongly encourage you to take the site tour and review the help center for additional guidance. – choster Jun 21 at 19:58
  • Also either write out such abbriviations such as LBR or in brackets after the abbreviation when used the first time, so that others unfamiliar with it knows what you mean. Such abbreviations are not always unique. – Mark Johnson Jun 22 at 0:22