I live in Iran and I am going to take a summer course in Bermuda(for one month). It seems Bermuda does not need a visa and I want to know that getting a UK transit visa will allow me to enter to Bermuda? Also, there are two kind of UK transit visa (Airside and visitor in transit), could I change my airport with the visitor in transit UK visa to catch my onward flight?


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The Direct Airside Transit visa will not allow you to pass immigration or change airports. Only some nationalities require such a visa to transit the UK airside (not passing immigration); many others can transit the UK airside without a visa.

If you need to change airports, the Visitor in Transit visa will allow you to pass immigration to get a hotel and/or change airports. Your onward flight must depart within 48 hours after you arrive (the UK does not operate exit immigration controls at airports; your departure is recorded for immigration purposes when your plane departs with you on board).

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