My friend is an Albanian citizen working in Germany. She has booked a flight ticket from Dortmund to Tirana next week, for a 6 day stay.

Germany has extended travel warning for 160 countries, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Tirana Airport is currently closed.

But my friend received an email from the airline saying that the flight is planned to operate as per original schedule.

My question is: Is it allowed for my friend to travel to Albania and back to Germany without any problems?

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    At present, since Albania is outside the EU+ area, assume that a 14 day quarantine is required. With the residence permit, there should be no problems with immigration. – Mark Johnson Jun 14 at 8:10
  • There might also be a quarantine in Albania. But that is something that your friend can figure out better. – Jan Jun 15 at 23:15
  • @Jan Albania is currently quarantine free. Her only worry is the inbound flight, because she fears the flight back to Germany will not take place. – Snow Jun 16 at 8:21

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