Many German Länder are currently setting quarantine requirements for arriving travelers based on whether or not the number of new COVID-19 cases over the previous 7 days exceeds 50 per 100 000 people for the traveller’s origin. There are many advantages to this metric, however one of the disadvantages is that it is very hard to find data sources that easily identify whether or not a given country meets this criteria. What are some data sources which compile this information in this way?

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    I suppose it doesn't matter what the actual numbers are, nor what is reported in the locale, but what each Land accepts as an authority.
    – choster
    Jun 10, 2020 at 21:26

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The Berlin newspaper Morgenpost offers a nice site (in German), with all relevant information - both as a map but also as text data.

To find the amount of cases, in the last 7 days per 1000.000 for a specific country, you have to select:

  • Europe or World wide
  • Daily cases
  • Cases per 100.000

Floating buttons are at the top with 3 offers:

  • Germany (Deutschland)
    • Which will list the results by states
      • The map will show other countries with regional information when available
        • Canada, Italy, and US
  • Europe (Europa)
    • Which will list all countries in Europe
  • Worldwide (weltweit)
    • Which will list all countries

Under the floating buttons, below the map, the selected area and date are shown with a summary:

  • Confirmed (bestätigt)
  • Recovered (wieder gesund)
  • Deaths (Totesfälle)

Under the summary, you can select

  • Total cases (Gesamt-Fallzahlen)
  • Daily cases (Neuinfektionen)

The detailed information is stored in 2 tabs

  • Case numbers (Fälle)
    • Showing: Confirmed, Recovered, Death, and tendency
  • Cases per 100.000 (pro 100.000 EW)
    • Showing: last 7 days, daily and tendency

At the bottom, you can select a date

  • The image below shows 2020-03-26

Switzerland (Schweiz) had 92 cases per 100.000 in the last 7 days and 13 on the selected date.

Morgenpost 26.03.2020



For EU/EEA/UK/Switzerland (countries to which the 50-per-100000 requirement applies), the Robert Koch Institute (the federal public health agency) publishes a map here.

Entry from other countries is subject to 14-day isolation regardless of incidence rate.



You may have to copy data into a spreadsheet to compute measures/ratios they don't show. 

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