Due to COVID, Nexus does not allow me to continue with renewal until 7/6/20. How can I file for a grace period (my Nexus expires 1 day after 7/6/2020)?

In addition, how do I confirm whether my renewal request has been accepted?

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    Do you mean the web site will not let you schedule an appointment? Or it will only give you dates after July 6? – Michael Hampton Jun 9 '20 at 4:02
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    There's no such thing as "filing for a grace period," there is only filing for a NEXUS renewal. Having filed a request to renew your NEXUS membership, you can continue to use the NEXUS lanes for twelve additional months, even before you've received your new NEXUS card. – DavidSupportsMonica Jun 9 '20 at 14:25

There is no need to apply separately for a grace period, as if you have filed for renewal before expiry you automatically get a 6 month grace period (which is currently a 12 month grace period due to processing and Covid-19 delays).

From the CBP Help Q&A I have submitted my Trusted Traveler application for review. Did CBP receive my application?:

If you submitted a renewal application before expiration of your current membership, then you can continue to use your benefits until the renewal is finalized (up to 6 months after your expiration date).

See also this answer to Entry to the US with an expired Nexus

Additionally I have found a number of reports that the grace period for Global Entry has been extended out to 18 months, however I haven't found anything official or that says this also extends to NEXUS or SENTRI. See 18 Month Global Entry Renewal Grace Period


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