I am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question and if I am wrong please guide me to correct forums.

I am a software developer and I was working on the idea of automated flight check-in. My question is, can I do a flight check-in on behalf of someone else if that someone has given me consent regarding it.

Whenever you check-in, you agree to terms and conditions of an airline that you'll not being any illegal items to the flight, so I can my automated software agree to those terms and conditions on user's behalf? This website http://passnfly.com/ is doing the same stuff, I don't know if they have acquired any special permission or not.

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  • Note that they say they applied for a patent for this service. No idea what it covers and whether it's actually protectable, though. But unless you are interfaced directly with the airline systems, if you try to do that by scraping and automating web interfaces, be prepared for them to have LOTS of special cases and to change VERY often. As to what you can do on behalf of your user, it's mostly just a matter of having the customer agree to it and give your the authority to do that on their behalf. I.e. it should be in your contract with the customer and be very clear. – jcaron Jun 4 at 9:19
  • The airlines I fly with (SWISS, Lufthansa) do exactly that. 24 hours before the flight I get checked in automatically and get my boarding pass. – Krist van Besien Jun 4 at 10:32