Soon, I'm hoping to travel to South Korea to get voice surgery. I remember hearing of these laminated cards that you could use to point to a phrase or something in order to help communicate. Do you know what these are called? (Perhaps phrase card, but since NOTHING is coming up when I look for Korean phrase cards, I'm thinking it might be called something else). It might look something like this (but include a bit more information):

A picture of a page including phrases in English and Korean. On this particular page, it is a picture of phrases to use at restaurants and at the airport

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    Something like this? sprachriegel.de/shop/korea-riegel Unfortunately I can't find a Korean-English version (only Korea-German one) for this. The Chinese version looks fine to me but I never used it so I can't comment on how effective it is. – zhantongz May 28 at 10:47
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    Have you considered Google Translate on a mobile phone as an alternative? In addition to being a dynamic phrase book you can show people, it can translate speech in real time and in both directions. – lambshaanxy May 29 at 2:08
  • Hi @lambshaanxy, yeah, I have considered it but the problem is my cellular carrier sucks with international coverage. – Véronique Bellamy May 29 at 16:48
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    @VeroniqueBellamy Google Translate can work fully offline, just download the Korean pack before you go. – lambshaanxy May 30 at 0:13

Not cards, but I have a copy of This, Please, which lets you point to a picture of the thing or activity you are interested in. To go with that, you could perhaps make a card with translations of

Don’t want
I am unable to speak
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I've used a picture dictionary when I first visited Japan. It worked out pretty well, and it was divided into categories so it was easy to find the item/word you wanted.

They have a Korean one: ISBN-10: 0804849323 ISBN-13: 978-0804849326 UNSPSC Code: 55101500

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