I had made a booking to travel from London to Greece some days ago. There were two flights in the booking. The second flight got cancelled and I am looking for the travel agency to refund me for the whole trip as I cannot reach the second destination and there are no other alternatives due to coronavirus.

Note that the two flights were made in the same booking. I didn't pick them. The whole trip came up as an option. The two flights are operated by two different companies. The one that wasn't cancelled is operated by wizzair.

I am expecting the agency (kiwi.com) to fully compensate me. Is that possible? I know that in some cases, they might ask for the fees to the travel agency to be paid normally. Is that also correct?

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    Kiwi is known to actually sell separate flights on separate bookings and present them as a single booking. So the airlines are off the hook for any misconnections, etc, and Kiwi supposedly has a "Kiwi guarantee" to cover such issues. You need to look up the terms of that guarantee to see if and how you are covered in this situation. – jcaron May 15 '20 at 12:54
  • @jcaron I will do that. I am still trying to read the terms. It is a book! – Datacrawler May 15 '20 at 16:00

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