1. Picture is from 5:10. I can't remember when in the video, but one of the ladies said this was taken at Mt Garibaldi.

  2. Can I drive up to this tarn? If not, can it be accessed effortlessly?

enter image description here

  • A horror lives about this tarn, and cleaves like its own mists to all the mountain side. Mar 29, 2020 at 0:36

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The peaks in the background look like The Black Tusk. Since the higher of its two peaks is to the south, and appears on the left in this photo, it must have been taken somewhere to the east, and seems to be at or near the treeline. So I would guess that the tarn in the photo may be Helm Lake or another of the tarns near there.

You cannot drive there. The nearest trailhead appears to be Cheakamus Lake Road , from which it is a hike of about 11 km, with about 950 m of elevation gain. Rubble Creek is a similar distance and about 1150 m of gain. Not terrible for a fit hiker, but certainly not "effortless".


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