I'm looking for a place to take pictures of Boston, esp. Back Bay's brownstones. What is a good place to have a bird's eye view of Boston? Some place free and open to tourists would be great!


A great place to have a bird's eye view of Boston is the Skywalk Observatory. It is located at the top of the Prudential Center. Please find the link below:


It is not free but it isn't too expensive and open to the public

Ticket Prices:
Adults $19.00
Seniors $15.00
Children under 12 $13.00
Student with college ID $15.00


The Prudential center is a great place to see it. Directly above the observatory is the bar Top of the Hub
You can go up without any charge and buy a drink at the bar and walk around and enjoy the views.

Here's a picture I quickly snapped on my phone from last year at the Top of the Hub bar: enter image description here

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