Similar to this question but for the EU. I need to repatriate myself and my car from Prague to London. Ideally I would cross the Czech/German, German/Dutch, Dutch/Belgian, Belgian/French, and French/British borders but the list of countries could be varied by increasing the length of my journey.

I am finding it very hard to tell if I will be denied entry at any of the borders I need to cross. All I can find are vague media reports which use phrases such as "limited to essential travel". It's not clear what constitutes essential travel, and specifically whether returning to my home country will be sufficient reason for a country to allow me in. For example, they may reason that I can return home by finding a route that bypasses them, and therefore it is not "essential" that I cross their border.

I hold a British passport, Czech residency permit, and have homes in both countries. The UK is my primary residence.

I have a ferry booked from France -> UK and as far as I can tell entries are still permitted there.

Are there any authoritative sources of information where I can find out exactly what the restrictions are within the EU? Alternatively, individual sources for the countries I'm travelling through would be helpful.

  • You say you’re returning to your home country, but it’s not clear where you are resident?
    – Traveller
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  • @Traveller Sorry, I thought that was clear from "I need to repatriate myself and my car from Prague to London". I have edited the question to provide more details in case it is useful.
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    We have this overall question, not sure how helpful it is: travel.stackexchange.com/questions/154027/…
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Here is a part answer for the Germany leg of your trip

Coronavirus: Fragen und Antworten see the question "Bei welchen dringenden Gründen ist ein Grenzübertritt gestattet?" (What are the urgent reasons for crossing a border?)

Zudem bleibt die Rückreise von EU-Bürgern und Drittstaatsangehörigen in ihre Herkunftsstaaten oder in den Staat, in dem sie zum Aufenthalt (längerfristige Aufenthaltstitel) berechtigt sind, mittels Transit durch Deutschland zulässig.

And here the google translate

In addition, EU citizens and third-country nationals can return to their home countries or to the country in which they are entitled to stay (long-term residence permits) by transit through Germany.

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