I am trying to travel to Austria from Brussels by train, and have conflicting information on the status of cancellations due to Covid-19.

According to Eurail, "all rail services from Germany to Austria are cancelled until further notice" https://www.eurail.com/en/help/travel-disruptions/coronavirus-update

Yet, Deutsche Bahn and the 'trainline.eu' both allow me to book high-speed ICE trains across the border, just not the Nightjet trains. There are notices saying that there are delays/reduced services expected at the border, but it is not impossible to book like it is for other trains.

My questions:

  • does this mean that it is still possible to take the high-speed ICE trains?
  • if not, is there any other way that it is permitted to travel over the German border to Austria (e.g. by bus, coach or taxi)? Unfortunately driving is not an option.
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The official website of Deutsche Bahn lists the current interruptions due to corona (only in german, trying to change the language to english took me back to the main page):


According to this site, several trains between Germany and Austria have been cancelled, including the NightJet, but I assume that other trains are still running. Since the site doesn't mention ICE trains between Germany and Austria, I assume they are still running.

In case the trains stop running before you make it to Austria: If you are eligible to enter Austria, nothing should stop you from entering by taxi (or, taking a taxi to the german side of the border, crossing the border by foot, ordering another taxi to pick you up at the austrian side of the border) - but depending on how close to the border you can get by train this can be quite expensive.

I wouldn't count on buses or coaches: They have never been quite as popular as trains, and the one company that offered (more or less) regular coach services - Flixbus - stopped operations tonight due to corona.

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    Note that the situation is changing rapidly. After the Polish border closed, there were 60 km traffic jams with 30 hour waiting times. A taxi driver may refuse to cross the border under the present circumstances.
    – gerrit
    Mar 19, 2020 at 8:32

If you wish to use the Deutsche Bahn to cross the border to Austria, you should check the Deutsche Bahn site for known train interruptions

  • no trains or busses to Tirol (western Austria)
  • at present (2020-03-19) none for other areas inside Austria as final destination

Assume that this may change at any time.

Check eligibility to enter Austria

  • at the moment you must supply an acceptable reason to enter


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