What percentage of international flights departing from Manila airport (MNL) are cancelled because of Duterte's lockdown on Metro Manila because of COVID-19 from 2020-03-15 to 2020-04-14?

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I haven't seen any major cancellation so far between 2020-03-15 and 2020-03-19 for international departing from MNL From 2020-03-20 00:00 all flights were supposed to be canceled according to the "enhanced" lockdown announced on 2020-03-16 evening but the ban was later lifted for non-Filipino citizens on 2020-03-18.

https://mnlairport.ph/flights/cancellations lists flights cancellations.

Before 2020-03-19:


PAL [Philippines Airlines]'s international flights from Manila will continue during the period, it added.

https://newsroom.airasia.com/news/2020/3/13/updated-as-of-13-march-2020-travel-advisory-airasia-cancels-domestic-flights-from-manila-as-ph-government-implements-new-travel-restrictions: only mentions domestic flight from/to MNL cancellations.

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https://www.manila-airport.net/naia-departures?day=tomorrow (mirror) doesn't seem to show any cancellation, but weirdly domestic flights aren't canceled either, so I doubt it is accurate.


[Updated as of 14 March 2020] Travel Advisory: AirAsia cancels domestic flights from Manila as PH government implements new travel restrictions

From 2020-03-20:


The airline will announce the status of its international flights from March 20 to April 12 at a later date, as it coordinates with authorities.


The Department of Tourism (DOT) has lauded the lifting of the travel ban on outbound passengers, except Filipino tourists, in line with the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine.