Last month I booked a flights with Citilink from Melbourne to Bali return for May. Last week i received a whatsapp message from Citilink saying the flights were cancelled until December. The whatsapp profile showed a bluetick mark. Then the next day I received an email saying flights were cancelled and you can email for a refund. So I emailed them for a refund and they sent me a form, the form asks for credit card number and expiry. But when I log into the manage your flight on their portal, it does not show any cancelled status , it just says confirmed.


  • How safe is it to provide this credit card info ?

  • Is this the standard way they process a refund ?

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    Doesn't sound legit to me. You should call them. Commented Mar 11, 2020 at 5:19
  • @MichaelHampton apparently is it legit
    – Nigel Fds
    Commented Jun 4, 2020 at 0:56

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I am in the same boat as you.

I sent them all documents as requested - blurred out all sensitive information. Unfortunately this is typical Indonesia bureaucracy. They confirmed refund was being processed on Mar 10th but still nothing.

I strongly advise calling them and demanding a refund confirmation number or any type of documentation, as they have refused to provide this in writing since the very start.

I have also submitted a dispute via my credit card provider, not sure if that will help but I don't trust Citilink at all. Understand it's a horrifying time for the aviation industry but we need this money back more than ever now.

Good luck!

  • yes and they take 1 week to reply now
    – Nigel Fds
    Commented Apr 14, 2020 at 0:58
  • I don't think I can file a credit card dispute since its more than 30 days now
    – Nigel Fds
    Commented Apr 14, 2020 at 0:58

[Answering my own question might help others]


5 Mar 2020 - Got cancellation email from them

5 Mar 2020 - Emailed [email protected] for a refund

7 Mar 2020 - Called up Citilink Aus number, they said I have to email for refund

9 Mar 2020 - Got a reply from them asking to fill a form

16 Mar 2020 - I submitted the froms but I left out certain stuff that I thought was too confidential

20 Mar 2020 - No reply received, so sent a follow up email.

27 Mar 2020 - Still No reply received, so sent another follow up email.

2 Apr 2020 - They sent a new email saying some documents were missing

10 Apr 2020 - I submitted missing documents

20 Apr 2020 - No reply received, so sent a follow up email again (sigh).

24 Apr 2020 - Received this email from them: "Refund Mr/Mrs have entered the queue to be processed by our acquiring bank. The refund process is depending on issuer bank. Please wait to receive the fund to the credit card."

12 May 2020 - Still not received refund, sent another email asking for status.

15 May 2020 - Checked bank account money finally received. Lost about AUD $40 due to currency conversion.

All is all took about 2 months .. including some delays caused by me. They have a very bad process for refunds and very bad customer service.

  • I just got a refund from British Airways, no follow-up mails, took 3 full months. (And due to flight date, I was early in the queue.) Airlines do struggle these days.
    – Willeke
    Commented Jun 4, 2020 at 4:27

Same boat. We had flights booked, ended up getting an email saying they cancelled the service and asked for information to get a refund.

They asked for identification and a bank statement OR a scan of my debit card. I felt as though this kicks the door wide open for fraud so I tried to get into contact with someone from Citilink. The Australian contact number (which was very difficult to find) told me not to send a bank statement or scan of my debit card - this was apparently unnecessary and they weren't sure why the Indonesian team has asked people for this information.

The confirmation email (if you could call it that?) said for debit/credit card payments, the refund would take up to 30 days. It has now been 31 days, so I called them up today doing my best not to become abusive; the woman that answered said the only contact they have with the team in Jakarta overseeing the refunds is through email, and they hadn't replied to any emails for a while.

This company is an absolute joke. I don't know if you're still chasing your refund, but I'll post the Australian contact information below;

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: +61 86 5557081

Good luck.

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