I'm often interested in figuring out what destinations I can get to non-stop with a particular airline from a particular origin city; this is helpful in getting a sense for what airline might have more flexibility for same day changes or in figuring out what cities I could go to with miles from a particular airline / alliance.

For example, for JetBlue from LAX, we have the following direct flights

HNL (Honolulu), 3x daily
FLL (Fort Lauderdale), 2x daily
JFK (New York), 2x daily
BOS (Boston), 1x daily
BUF (Buffalo), 1x daily

Options which aren't great:

  • Airline route maps (e.g. jetBlue) typically show all the destinations available (making it hard to distinguish between nonstop routes and connecting routes), and do not provide frequency information.
  • Airport sites (e.g. LAX) typically allow you to filter by airline, but list the flights individually.

Here's what I typically do:

  • Searching Google for a particular city provides an overview of what nonstop flights are available:

enter image description here

  • Searching Google for a pair of cities I am interested in lists the specific flights, and when they run:

enter image description here

Unfortunately, this process is still relatively manual; are there any better alternatives?

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Most airlines have interactive route maps that do exactly what you're looking for.

In your very question you've called out the JetBlue route map tool claiming it doesn't do this - but it does. Simply select the "Non-stop" option, and then select an airport and it will show you only direct flights from that airport.

These generally will not show frequency, which isn't surprising given that frequency changes day-to-day and month-to-month. Once you know that a flight exists, simply searching on the same website for that flight on a specific day will show the number of flights available on that day.

  • Thank you for pointing that option on the JetBlue website out --- I can't believe I missed that. Mar 8, 2020 at 20:16
  • I'll leave the question open for a few more days in case other users have other ideas. The interface on many of these sites makes it harder to extract information in tabular information --- which is something I am interested in (but didn't specify in the original question). Mar 8, 2020 at 20:22

If a particular airport has a tabular listing of all flights, usually you can copy the entire table and paste it into a spreadsheet. Then you can filter or sort by any column easily.

This works on almost any HTML table in Safari. I think I've also done it with other browsers.

If you get unwanted formatting, you can paste special or first paste into a plain text file.

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