Looks like it is a charge for using their automated systems. This seems pretty strange since I thought that was what the administration charge is for.
enter image description here https://wizzair.com/en-gb/information-and-services/prices-discounts/all-services-fees

  • Could it also be a fee that applies when the booking is made through a 3rd party booking sites like Kayak or so? – dunni Feb 19 '20 at 20:33

This fee applies to all bookings no matter if it’s online or through a call centre. They are a low-cost carrier so they make money out of such fees.

This is made so the cost of the ticket seems cheap but actually isn’t.

For example a bag can cost more than the flight, it’s €30 per person if you don’t check-in online but at the airport and €15 for a call centre request, something which should be standard especially if you just have a question.

You almost have no choice to pay this fee.

From this Travel.SE question Is it possible to avoid Wizz Air's administration fee?:

WizzAir's website says you can book via travel agents or at the airport ticket counter. Also lists 10€ as the call center fee.

But being an LCC, they probably don't pay travel agent commissions, so a travel agent would likely charge you a handling fee.

The webpage you cite, mentions that there may be additional fees charged by the handing agent at airports as well. If you live at WizzAir's hubs, you would likely be dealing with WizzAir staff not a handling agent, but at destination airports, you will probably be dealing with handling agents.

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    Are fees in Europe like fees in the US where there has to be a way to avoid paying them in order for them to be called a fee? In the US, some of the ULCCs have extra fees that one can avoid by driving to the airport and actually paying for the ticket there at the counter, for instance. – cbw Feb 19 '20 at 22:03
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    @cbw Not in general regarding the exact use of the word 'fee', but there are regulations against deceptive advertisements. An airline can't post 'Paris-London for €1.99" on a billboard if the only real option to get the flight is to pay anything on top of €1.99. – Tor-Einar Jarnbjo Feb 20 '20 at 11:56
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    isn't this fee included in the fare quoted in the search results? – Relaxed Jun 21 '20 at 21:55

One important addition to Daniil's answer: the System surcharge fee doesn't apply in case you book throu the Wizz mobile app. (Just tried it.)

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