What is required to remain a permanent resident of Denmark? I'm a U.S. citizen considering a long-term move. If I were to earn permanent residency and then be called back to the U.S., how long could I stay away before losing that status? I've done a fair amount of searching but haven't seen it addressed.

  • Hi planarian. This site is for short term travel, like vacations. We have a whole other site for living abroad long term, called Expatriates. – DJClayworth Feb 17 '20 at 17:01

This page contains an answer for you:

What if I hold a permanent residence permit?

Other rules apply if the Danish Immigration Service has granted you a permanent residence permit based on former permits issued by SIRI.

In this case, your residence permit will lapse automatically if you give up your Danish address or stay abroad for more than 12 successive months. This applies even though you keep being registered at a Danish address in the CPR.

  • Thanks, I could have spent hours wandering through that site without finding it. – planarian Feb 17 '20 at 12:42

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