Hy I am citizen of Bangladesh staying in Malaysia. I want to travel to Dubai from Kuala Lumpur with different airlines. Air Asia to Cochin and Indigo to Dubai. I have 19 hours transit at Cochin airport, single ticket I mean booking number is the same on kiwi.com with no check in baggage.

I wrote to Indigo about the check in process. They replied that I have to cross the immigration check at Cochin airport to get my boarding pass. My question is Do I need a transit visa for Cochin airport. How can I get a transit visa? On arrival or in advance?

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Cochin airport does not currently have an airside transit facility; everyone who arrives from outside India must clear immigration and customs before going to their next flight. This means that you will require a visa to enter India.

You can obtain a transit visa which allows you to enter India for up to 3 days. You will be able to leave the airport with this visa. There is not a visa on arrival; you must obtain the visa in advance. You can obtain the visa by following the instructions given at the High Commission of India in Kuala Lumpur. There are many fake web sites and service providers; you should use only those web sites and service providers given by the High Commission.

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