I am Argentinian, travelling from Papua New Guinea to Argentina. I'll arrive to Sydney on the 19th of June at 18:55 pm and I am boarding my next flight on the 20th of June at 11:45 am. I am not going to leave the airport.

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    The airport technically closes overnight (it's not a 24 hour airport). So I suspect you will have to leave, and therefore, get a visa. But I'm not certain so won't post as an answer
    – Mark Mayo
    Feb 10 '20 at 6:31

According to https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/transit-771/transit-facilities-at-australian-airports:

Sydney (SYD), Cairns (CNS), Gold Coast (OOL)

Do not operate on a 24 hour basis and overnight stays are not permitted. Passengers transiting overnight will need an appropriate visa for Australia to leave the airport to access overnight accommodation.

So you will have to leave the airport, and for this reason, you will need a transit visa (or a regular visitor visa).

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    Additionally, transit without visa is only allowed if less than 8 hours is spent in Australia, so even if it were possible to stay airside overnight, a visa would still be required. immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/visas/getting-a-visa/visa-listing/…
    – MJeffryes
    Feb 10 '20 at 11:37
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    Reading the first link in your answer, it's kind of surprising that the largest airport in Australia doesn't operate on a 24-hour basis, while several smaller airports in Australia (presumably) do. Feb 10 '20 at 15:22
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    @MichaelSeifert - "In 1995, the Australian Parliament passed the Sydney Airport Curfew Act 1995, which limits the operating hours of the airport. This was done in an effort to curb complaints about aircraft noise." Feb 10 '20 at 16:01
  • @LaconicDroid Not having any traffic (which is common in many, many large airports at night, for the same reasons) does not necessarily mean the international area should be completely closed and evacuated at night. Some airports like LHR close some terminals and will regroup all international transit passengers staying overnight in a smaller area for instance. But I suppose Sydney is not really a very common international transit point (other than NZ and a handful of smaller destinations, it's not quite the ideal routing).
    – jcaron
    Feb 10 '20 at 16:04
  • @jcaron Overnight transit travellers at UK airports cannot avail of airside transit facilities, as stated in TIMATIC, and so need to fulfil the conditions at least for landside transit
    – Crazydre
    Feb 10 '20 at 16:35

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