I have been granted a 30 days Indian eVisa for a 2 weeks travel. In the mail for the visa it states:

Date of issue of ETA :- February 06th,2020

Date of expiry of ETA :- March 06th,2020

e-Tourist Visa Validity period is 30 days from the date of first arrival in India.

I will land in India the 3rd of March, and will depart the 14th of March. Will I face any problem?

As I understand, I have 30days from the day I enter India to leave, so I should be covered, but the date of expiry is worrying me. Anyone can share their experience?

  • Currently (in Feb 2020), e-Visa's are temporary suspended. These e-visa are not valid. There is notice on the visa website (indianvisaonline.gov.in). So please cross check with the authorities before your travel. – Dexter Feb 6 at 16:30
  • 3
    @Dexter according to the notice, the block is valid for Chinese citizens and people who live in China, and I am neither. – bracco23 Feb 6 at 16:33
  • I guess, happy journey then :) – Dexter Feb 6 at 16:35

No, you'll be fine. As the mail says, you have permission to arrive in India (the ETA) until March 6th, and will be granted a visa for the full 30 days on arrival to India.

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