Me and my husband (Both Indonesian citizen) would like to visit India in March for Holiday. I don't have visa yet so I will be applying Tourist eVisa, but my husband already have a Business eVisa (multiple entry in 1 year - issued 3 months ago). Should my husband apply for a Tourist eVisa (So he will have 2 visa), or it should be good to use the Business eVisa for holiday?


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In theory, the Business eVisa is for business purposes only, not tourism. However, the allowed business purposes are so broadly worded that virtually anything qualifies: if you buy a souvenir, you could argue that this is "trade" or "sales/purchases".

For technical and business meetings.
To set up Industrial or business venture.
To deliver lectures under Global Initiative for Academic Networks (GIAN).
For recruitment purposes.
For trade or sales / purchases.
To participate in exhibitions, business or trade fairs.

(From here; this is not an official site, but the official one is an unlinkable mess)

In practice, Indian immigration seems almost entirely concerned with whether you have a visa or not, I've never been questioned on arrival. So, personally speaking, I think you'll be fine with the business visa.

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