I am flying from Vancouver to Seattle, then Seattle to Tokyo-Narita, with Delta connection in single ticket. I would like to confirm if my understandings for this connection are correct or not.

  1. Vancouver airport (YVR) has US CBP, which means I finish US immigration and customs process at Vancouver and I don't need to redo them at Seattle.
  2. Once I check in my luggage at Vancouver, this luggage goes all the way to Tokyo-Narita and I don't need to pick the luggage up at Seattle.

I am especially interested about luggage connection, since I only have limited time (57min layover) in Seattle.


Your understanding is 100% correct (can't write anything more than that)

If going back the same way, however, you'll clear US immigration in Seattle, then collect and re-check your luggage at the designated counter after customs.

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    You might mention that it will work a little differently on the return journey.
    – phoog
    Feb 5 '20 at 4:41

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