From what I've seen, Taiwan doesn't really have sidewalks. Instead, people walk "under" buildings.

Is there a name for that gap space, between the street and the building fronts?


Apparently, the space is called a five foot way in SE Asia:

Although it looks like European arcade along the streets, it is a building feature that suits the local climate, and characterizes the town-scape and urban life of this region.

And the buildings that have this sort of space are called qilou.

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  • Interesting. I did not think to call them anything but they were immensely useful in Taiwan and when I told people that, they were surprised that it's not like that everywhere else! – Itai Feb 3 at 2:23
  • @Itai useful but slippery :-/ – Franck Dernoncourt Feb 3 at 2:38
  • +1 I've known about it but never knew what they were called. – DXV Feb 3 at 6:43

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