There is a similar question on this site, Are there any sites that let me book 7 or more multi-city flights?.

But, it's from 2013. And lists just one site - https://airtreks.com, that gives an estimate. For example: 1. https://tripplanner.airtreks.com/estimate/934439 2. https://tripplanner.airtreks.com/estimate/934441 3. https://tripplanner.airtreks.com/estimate/934450 4. https://tripplanner.airtreks.com/estimate/934452

We're in 2020 now. In the last 7 years, i am sure some improvements must have been made in this regard. At least, i have hope.

I checked itamatrix, google flights and skyscanner.

google flights



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Kiwi supports upto 8 segments for multi city flight search

AirWander (https://airwander.com) has the option for multi city flight search upto 16 segments,

screenshots for example,

10 segments


flight details

At the moment, flight search engines and maximum number of segments for multi-city search can be summarised as follows:

  1. Expedia : 5
  2. Kayak : 6
  3. Google Flights: 5
  4. ITA Matrix : 6
  5. Kiwi : 8
  6. AirWander : 16

Kiwi and Airwander have expertise in multi-stop as does ITA matrix if you know how to use it.

Airtreks can do up to 25 stops.

Indie can do 25 stops as well:

I help build these 2 products over the years to be clear.

Cheers to all.

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