I am a US Citizen and travel to the UK often (usually 1 week trips) to see my girlfriend (now Spouse) and visit our clients in London. Since getting married, we want to live in the UK (intention is for me to find a job there once the visa is approved and I have work authorization). Since I usually go to the UK every month with no visa as a visitor, I will need to make a trip or two while the settlement Visa is pending (I plan on keeping my passport while the visa is pending). Will this be allowed?

  • I'm not sure we can really help; you may be more likely to get an answer at our sister site Expatriates which deals with issues arising from long term residence and the like. – Michael Hampton Jan 17 at 7:34
  • You have to send your passport after getting your biometrics done to Sheffield, UK, so you can be without it for a few months. If you have enough money you can get a 1 working day answer using the priority system in the US. – BritishSam Jan 17 at 9:30

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