I see where the grace period allows me to access the US with my Nexus for up to a year now. Does the grace period apply to entering Canada?


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The CBSA website recognizes the 18-month extension, so it may be assumed that NEXUS members who qualify for the 18-month extension will also continue to be treated as active members north of the border.

In addition, I spoke on the phone with one of the Canadian NEXUS offices at 1-800-842-7647 on Dec 1. They explained that if a person has submitted a renewal application prior to expiration and is within the 18-month grace period:

  • The NEXUS card will continue to be accepted at the kiosks, since the kiosks are able to determine that the membership is still active;
  • Airport staff will be aware of the 18-month grace period and should allow members to use the NEXUS security lanes, although it is advisable to carry a print-out of the renewal application receipt just in case they want to see it.

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