I've read a lot of stories that people with Turkish stamps in their passports get rejected at the airport in China. There's a few connecting flights which are really affordable from the UK, but unfortunately we have Turkish visits.

Is this information still accurate?

What I really can't understand is if this is the case, how there are loads of flights from Istanbul to Chinese airports, including some Chinese airlines. Surely if they are rejecting people with links to Turkey, they would have to reject the whole flight?

  • Where are you reading these stories? – Michael Hampton Jan 8 at 21:15
  • Lot of reports. tripadvisor.co.uk/… – Martin Alderson Jan 8 at 21:32
  • @Martin I found those threads. They all start with 'I heard that...'. Those people that appear to confirm the story have no idea whether it's the Turkish stamps that caused the problem, or some other issue. It looks like confirmation bias to me. They seem to be balanced with a similar number of people with Turkish stamps that have received their visas. I'd look for policy guidance on the Chinese embassy web sites. – Arthur's Pass Jan 8 at 21:35
  • The Wikivoyage entry on China doesn't appear to have been updated since 2017. The Independent article paints a picture of arbitrary refusals. I find the idea of a 2yo being refused when the parents were admitted nonsensical so exactly how much credence you can give such reports is debatable. Their reference to Turkey is a vague 'Some reports...'. On the basis of what I've seen I'd conclude only that getting into China is something of a lottery. – Arthur's Pass Jan 9 at 1:07

This is not true, I have Turkish stamps and I fly in and out of China at least 10 times per year.

My wife has tiramisu stamps and do the same

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