What can be done with a scanned passport image if given to the wrong people? Should I get a new passport?

I submitted my information to a third party non government company to do my e-visa however, on the official e-visa website it said that particular website was scam.

  • When you do not get an answer for your question please edit in the information asked for rather than asking a new question. – Willeke Jan 7 '20 at 22:21
  • Without the country information, do not expect a realistic answer. – Mark Johnson Jan 7 '20 at 22:58
  • The unofficial website may not necessarily be a scam in terms of fraud, whether eg passport, identity or card related, it may be deemed a ‘scam’ because eg it charges a (higher) fee than the official government website for the same service/product – Traveller Jan 7 '20 at 23:16

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