I'm traveling from Seattle, USA to London, UK in March 2020. My cousin (half British) is getting married to his British girlfriend in Farnham. I'm a 40 year old American, single, white man.

I did a lot of international travel as a child with my family but have only been to Canada as an adult (Vancouver), which wasn't too difficult as it's very similar to America. I'll be staying near Hyde Park.

Any tips on how to stay safe in London?

I'm just a little concerned about getting robbed or mugged. I currently live in Redmond, which is a very safe suburb of Seattle.


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I'm a 70-year-old woman. I visit London about once a year, because it is one of my favorite cities, I used to live there, and my relatives all live in England.

I do the things I expect most people do in tourist areas, such as not flashing a lot of cash, and not making life easy for pickpockets.

Otherwise, I pay far more attention to avoiding traffic accidents. The combination of unfamiliar side of the road, complicated one-ways, dense traffic, and pedestrians who are both familiar with the intersection and impatient, makes for a dangerous mix.

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    Thank you Patricia. From all the answers London seems like a safe enough place to visit. It even seems like Seattle (the big city I live close to) may be slightly more unsafe. Yes, I think the cars traveling on the left side of the road will probably be my biggest adjustment. I'm super excited for my trip! Jan 7, 2020 at 2:00

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