Happy New Year! I have a question regarding to my flight booked with fly dubai. My flight from Erbil will land at T2 in Dubai and the.another flight will leave from terminal 3.

1- So for myself…i could use airport shuttle to move from T2 to T3?

2 - My checked baggage from 1st flight to 2nd flight will be automatically transferred by the fly dubai?

3 - or Do I need to exit from the airport through immigration and collect my checked baggage and check in again from T3?

4 - Any other important points I should be aware of? Thank you.

  • What is your second flight? Jan 1 '20 at 18:41
  • Single ticket or two tickets? How much time between scheduled arrival in T2 to departure from T3? And as @MichaelHampton correctly asks: what's the destination of your second flight? Jan 6 '20 at 17:39

This page from the flydubai site says that they will transfer the luggage for you via the “flydubai connect” service. It’s not completely obvious if this is standard or an option, though I don’t see any option for that in the booking process (the early part of it at least).

Of course this only works if you booked both flights on a single ticket.

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