I would like to bring some nice champagne with me and I know I can get as far as to with it but am I allowed to bring it with me on board Air Iceland Connect as hand luggage from to ?

I already have a full-sized hand luggage and I could probably squeeze the bottles in. It would be sealed in a vacuumed tax-free bag.

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I just flew RKV-AEY with Air Iceland Connect and there were no issues bringing alcohol on the flight. It's best to have the bag checked though.


If you purchased it at the airport and with the relevant closed bag etc I cannot see why they would not allow it, I very often carry all sorts of hotels of wine and perfumes as carry on that I bought at tax free during lay overs.

For example SHA- HK - HCM I never have problems buying things in HK and bring

SHA - SGP - MEL, same thing

SHA - ARN - NYC same thing

I am trying to think of a place where I have been denied but I cant

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    Your experience is not universal, there are many stories of airports not allowing alcohol on transfers.
    – Willeke
    Jan 3, 2020 at 12:37

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