We've been allocated seats 34 and 37 on EuroCity-Express (ECE) 451. I tried to find a seating plan for this train but couldn't find one. This forum post appears confusingly unrelated despite talking about ECE maps. The ticket says they're both aisle seats. Are those two seats opposite each other, adjacent with a corridor in-between, behind each other, or none of those?

The Man in Seat 61 has a page with Europe train seat plans. Although he links to this Dropbox page for the Switzerland-Milan EuroCity, it doesn't seem to cover the EuroCity-Express. I can't find it at vagonweb either.

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The Wikipedia article you linked shows that the EuroCity-Express uses ETR610 trains. Since your other sources link to the seating plan for the Frecciargento ETR610 trains, I think it's fair to assume that the interior layout is the same. But to verify this, I found a few YouTube videos and checked the seat numbers in them. In this video for instance the seat numbers match up perfectly with the ones in your link.

TL;DR: The dropbox page you linked to from Seat61 is correct for the EuroCity-Express train as well as the Frecciargento.

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